Toyota Glanza Official Website Goes Live Ahead of Launch:

Toyota Glanza overview:

The Toyota Glanza was an agile, sporty-inspired hatchback that was only available in the Japanese and European domestic market. These vehicles are no longer in production. Engine specifications

The Toyota Glanza had a 1331 cc, four-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The inner diameter of the engine cylinder had a diameter of 2.91 inches and its piston stroke moved 3.05 inches. The valve train was a double overhead cam that controls 16 engine valves.

Performance specifications: The Toyota Glanza was capable of producing a maximum of 133 horsepower when operated at 6400 rpm. The maximum torque of this vehicle was 116 foot-pounds at 4,800 rpm when.

Suspension Specifications: The front suspension of the Toyota Glanza was independent MacPherson that featured coil springs. The rear suspension is an independent output beam with coil springs as well.
Dimensions. The Toyota Glanza was 149.2 inches long, 64 inches wide and stood 55.1 inches off the ground. The wheelbase is 90.6 centimeters wide and the empty weight was 2183 pounds.

Toyota Starlet Glanza: This is the sport version of the fifth generation P90. Glanza S is equipped with an atmospheric 4E-FE engine at 1331 cm. It gives 85 CV. (63 kW), which is more than enough for a light car. However, the acceleration dynamics of up to a hundred can hardly be called speed: 9.6 seconds.

Glance V powered by a 4E-FTE engine with similar turbocharged volume. The power unit generates 140 HP. (103 kW) at 6400 rpm. This is a more important companion for the compact van, the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 8.3 seconds. Interestingly, for the maximum weight loss in the car did not put power windows and air conditioning.

Toyota Glanza interiors:

  • Toyota Glanza interiors has folding rear seats in parts.
  • Toyota Glanza has Trip-odometer.
  • You can adjust water temperature in Toyota Glanza.

Toyota Glanza engine and transmission:


Number of cylinders: 4, in line

Valves per cylinder: 3

Cylinder capacity: 1296 cc

Diameter x stroke: 73.0 x 77.4 mm

Compression rate: 9.5: 1

Maximum power: 55 kW (75 HP)

Maximum power @ rpm: 6000 rpm

Max. Torque effort: 101 Nm

Maximum torque @ rpm: 4800 rpm

Fuel system: Multipoint injection

Valve control: ohc

Turbo: do not

Catalyst: Regular

Fuel tank: 40 l

Transmission: Front-wheel drive, automatic gearbox

Toyota Glanza Competitors:

Toyota Glanza has a tough competition when it comes to the sale.

Toyota Glanza has many competitors. Top of the competitors of Toyota Glanza are as follows:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • BMW
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Audi

 Toyota Glanza mileage:

As Toyota Glanza will be an upcoming car, so it will be designed and considered as luxury car.

Toyota Glanza mileage is 12-16 kilometers per liter.

Toyota Glanza Braking and Safety:

Toyota Glanza has automatic braking system and it was rated superior by the IIHS.

When it comes to the safety Toyota Glanza has ABS airbags with knees and leg airbags in it.

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