5 Frequent Flyer Reward Points Myths You Should Be Wary Of

There are several misconceptions surrounding frequent flying programs and their air miles in India. Many of these myths prevent frequent flyers to use the miles to their maximum potential. Check out this post to know five such popular myths.

The benefits offered by modern frequent flyer programs is one of the biggest perks of preferring a single air carrier for all your flying needs. The air miles that you earn from such programs can help you get reward flight tickets, cabin upgrades, hotel bookings, and much more.

But as the concept of frequent flyer programs and air miles are relatively new for the Indian flyers, there are already plenty of myths surrounding them. If you have recently joined a frequent flyer program or are planning to join one soon, be careful about these five popular myths-

  1. You Can Only Earn Air Miles by Flying

A lot of people still believe that you can only earn air miles by flying. This leads to another misconception that such programs are just for people who fly very frequently. But this is not true.

Apart from flight bookings, you can earn air miles for using a co-branded credit card, hotel bookings, dining, and even refuelling your car or two-wheeler. With so many different ways to collect miles, you don't have to be a regular flyer to benefit from the frequent flying program.

  1. You Need to Fly With a Single Airline to Earn Miles

While sticking to a single air carrier can be a good idea but what if the air carrier does not offer flights to a destination you’d like to travel? Does that mean you cannot earn air miles for that flight taken with another air carrier?

To eliminate this problem, many of the air carriers now have several airline partners, and you can earn air miles when flying through those carriers as well.

  1. Collected Miles Can Only Be Spent on Flight Tickets

False again. Many of the popular frequent flyer programs in India now allow you to redeem miles in many different ways such as hotel bookings and to shop at their rewards store.

Some of the programs also allow you to transfer miles to another member of the same program. While getting an award flight ticket is known to be the best option to get maximum value for your miles, you can consider these other redemption options as well.

  1. Air Miles Expire Too Soon

Gone are the days when air miles used to expire very soon. Air miles of many of the top frequent flyer programs now do not come with an expiry. They remain valid as long as you have activities in your membership account.

For instance, an air carrier might require you to have at least one eligible activity in your account in the last 18-24 months. As long as you fulfil this criterion, your air miles will never expire.

  1. Free Flight Ticket Is Too Good to Be True

It can be difficult to believe that an air carrier would just let you fly for free by only redeeming your reward points or air miles. But know that you can actually book a free domestic or even international flight ticket for free if you have collected the required air miles.

With this facility, you will not be required to pay the price of the ticket. Just pay the fees and taxes and your ticket worth thousands of rupees can be booked for free.

Using Frequent Flyer Program Like a Pro

It is very easy to believe these myths when you are new to frequent flying programs. But with the world of the internet now available at your fingertips, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to verify such misconceptions that can cost you dearly, especially if you are a frequent flyer.

If you are yet to select a program, browse through the official website of the program provider to get reliable information. Make a decision only after you have thoroughly understood the program and its benefits.

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