Family Travel: How To Plan Your Next Towson MD Vacation

A trip to the college town of Towson is a great way to spend time with the family. The small and quaint area is may not be a hot spot for summer vacations, but Towson can surprise you. If you are driving through Maryland or you just find yourself exploring Towson for one reason or another, take some time to explore the local haunts.

Here’s a quick guide to the activities and must-see sights in the Towson area to make the most of your visit:

Where To Stay

Treat the family to at least one night at the Sheraton-Baltimore which is the biggest hotel in the North-Towson area. This is especially exciting for shopaholics because it is directly connected to the Towson Town Center, the largest mall in the state. Access is through the skywalk which means you can drop off your newly purchased things at your room and shop some more!

Things To See And Do

1 - Hampton National Historic Site is located right at the heart of Towson. It is a must-see for anyone who is traveling or vacationing in the area as it a wonderfully and beautifully preserved part of history. Parents who want to take their kids on an educational vacation should markdown this spot. There are walking tours of the houses on the property where visitors can feel like they are taking a step through time. It is an experience that you will remember for years!

2 - The Watson-King Planetarium is an attraction where both parents and kids can enjoy. It is located in Towson University and allows visitors to bask and gaze at the stars even if the sun is still up. The local planetarium is where you can relax to find some peace and quiet while also cooling off.

3 - Bach In Baltimore is a one of a kind Towson experience. The show only happens during the winter months, so plan your trip accordingly. This is a unique fireworks concert that showers the sky as Handel or Bach is played over large speakers. Bach in Baltimore is an event that should never be missed when you’re in town at the right time. Prepare to be awed.

4 - The Skateland Roller Rink is another attraction that allows visitors to step back in time, but this time it’s just during the ’70s, not the 1700s. The roller rink plays funky jams all night long so people can boogie and skate until 4 in the morning. It might be time for mom and dad to have a throwback date in Towson.

Places To Eat

No trip to the area is complete without dining at the best restaurants Towson has to offer. There are several restaurants located within the town proper that you’ll want to spend an extra couple of days just sampling the local offerings. If you don’t have the luxury to extend your visit then go right ahead to 7West Bistro Grille.

It is known as one of the best restaurants Towson with a delicious and authentic Mediterranean twist. Kids and adults will surely enjoy the menu because there is always something that will tickle and delight everyone’s taste buds at 7West Bistro Grille in Towson.

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