Yes!Spain is Affordable

There are so many choices of great spots to relocate in. However, the situation may be complicated. Do you intend to live in Spain all year round? Will you rent out part of the year while you visit somewhere else? Are you just preparing for retirement and this is an investment property because you plan to retire in Spain in 5 years? Are you willing to upgrade an older property? Do you want to buy brand new? How big is a property just right for you? What type – three bedroom home, townhouse, or condo? Once these questions are settled you will still find that perfect place in Spain. The country has it all!

In recent years some property prices have dropped as much as 30% overall. How much does it cost to purchase property in Spain? An estimate of 15% of the property value is recent and this will likely be recouped in three years of residency through the rising values. Interestingly there are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Spain. A financial number can be sought at the local police station and may take a few weeks. This is what you need to make a purchase. Let us take a closer look at four affordable areas.

South Costa Blanca

South Costa Blanca has many of the features that appeal to expats, yet it is cost effective. The beach is close and there are golf courses for the avid fans who will enjoy the sport for most of the year. There are both newly built properties as well as a selection of older homes. In addition, the variety of situations will meet all of your needs. You can find properties in locations that boast of lush vegetation, quaint fishing villages, resort areas, and traditional Spanish settlements.  

The selection of abodes has a fantastic range from 50,000 to 70,000 lbs for a one-bedroom apartment to 200,000 lbs for a three-bedroom villa with a pool. If that is still too expensive, consider moving inland where the farmhouses and some land are around 125,000 lbs. In addition, the beach is only a short drive away. Check out this site for property for sale on the south Costa Blanca.


Head a little further south into Murcia. Here some of the properties are more affordable than in other areas along the coast. Surrounding the resort city of Murcia are more fishing villages. Just before the global financial crisis of 2007/ 2008, many buyers purchased two properties: one for themselves and one for investment. But now they have made the decision to sell one of their properties.

About 15 km from the coast are lightly used apartments for about 60,000 lbs. Townhouses run around 110,000 lbs at the seaside. However, be wary of new development as there are adequate numbers of residences to meet the demand.


The average price is 127,000 and the area is reputed to be an up and coming spot for retirement. A fixer-upper runs about 80,000 lbs with modern three bedroom home is 200,000 lbs. This area is famous for its beaches, coastlines and natural setting as well as its historic feel but the buildings are not set off for viewing, they are lived in. There are services for English speaking residents and tourists. It does get busy during the season with short time visitors.

Canary Island

Some properties can be obtained for about 200,000 lbs. Again, the areas along the coast are pricey but the bargains still remain inland. In addition, if you are willing to renovate, the prices are reflected accordingly. Because this area is now enjoying an upsurge of interest, you can expect that this will be a wise investment.

So after you made those life-changing decisions that retirement demands, you will find many opportunities for an affordable lifestyle in Spain. It is time you took a closer look.

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