How to Learn about the Virgin Islands

You will be surprised to discover some things about the Virgin Islands that you can learn from me, which I picked up from the skipper of a BVI yacht charter. Traveling anywhere, it is good to educate yourself about your destination before you arrive there so you know the great places to see while vacationing.

Traveling to the Virgin Islands is an exciting, tropical adventure. Arriving there will fill your senses, so it might be difficult to leave that paradise when it is time to go home. Transportation to the Virgin Islands can be by cruise ship, private yacht or airplane.

Accommodations are such a variety, along with assorted prices. Choose to stay in a beach side cabana, townhouse overlooking the eye catching colors of the water, a quaint town cottage or a superb hotel catering to your every whim. Everyone will treat you royally since they are well trained for tourism. It might be difficult to find the time to sleep with all there is to do for fun and relaxation.

Determine what you will use as transportation while at your destination. Local Taxis will give you an hour fee, a tour of one of the island fee or you can offer the driver to help you see everything you want while he chauffeurs and waits for you to sight see and enjoy to your heart's content. Island public bus transportation is slow since it makes frequent stops that will take up a lot of your sight seeing time. I recommend a rental car or contracting with a chauffeured car for at least part of your vacation there.

Learning that the official name of the Virgin Islands is the United States Virgin Islands teaches you that a passport is not needed to go to any of the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands is comprised of St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John and little known Water Island.

Stroll the many, soft, white, sandy, private beaches which are quite often not visited by anyone but you. Feel the warm breezes which bring fragrances of the abundant flowers on the islands. Choose to have a picnic lunch right at the beach shore or visit the numerous cafes near the seashores for a wide range of food and drinks.

Plan some time to snorkel or scuba dive to fully enjoy the miles of coral reef with fantastic colors that will delight your senses forever. Lessons are available upon request and payment. Swimming in the Caribbean Sea or Atlantic Ocean might be selected for some exercise and complete enjoyment too.

Sightseeing can be a difficult choice since the historic places, art galleries, businesses and local shops equally beckon you. You can choose to come into those places to view and experience what the Virgin Islands is all about. Shopping, hiking and relaxation can easily fill many days.

Enjoy some of the local steel bands that play all over the islands with their lovely tones. Recorded CD's and tapes are available to buy for souvenirs. Bring your camera and video equipment so your memories can be relived many times long after you leave the United States Virgin Islands.

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