The beauty of Komodo resort and diving club

Indonesia has definitely some of the most amazing places to make every tourist’s dream come true. Many of the tourist destinations in this country have breath-taking sceneries and very many other amenities that at times leave jaws open. Every traveller’s dream would be incomplete without a visit to one of those destinations. Komodo dive resort is a place that should be in every one’s must visit destination. The beauty of this place is out of this world and the ambience around the resort is natural and calm that all you want to do is relax and spend all your days there.

Komodo dive resort was just another ordinary tourist destination before the year 2009. However, that changed after Stefano and Antonello bought the resort located in Labuan Bajo Island, and turned the resort into what it is today. The duo made a paradise on the island and ever since that time, every traveller wants to be part of the good feel of the resort. Surrounded by a mass of water, the resort has everything natural around it. Travellers to the paradise resort also have the opportunity of relaxing in hideouts that are environment friendly.

The things that make Komodo dive resort special

  • Amazing features

One of the reasons every traveller loves Komodo dive resort especially those that love diving, is because it offers the best diving experiences. Some even hail the resort as the best diving site in the world. This is because the resort has some of the best facilities in the world, which include out of this world reefs and exceptionally great services.  This combined with the magnificent 20 metres wall of rock in the underwater, and the beautiful marine life, is enough proof for divers to call it their paradise.

  • Culture Diversity

Komodo dive resort offers travellers culture diversity. This is because in the resort, you meet people from all nationalities, all with different cultures. If you want to learn about other people’s ways of life, then this is a perfect place to do so.

  • Amazing Facilities

A beautiful place would be incomplete without excellent facilities. Komodo dive resort offers all its visitors some of the best facilities you will not find in many other places. The thatch bungalows at the resort give it a natural look and feel. The bungalows all set along the beautiful beach offer all he visitors all the privacy they need. Besides this, every visitor can view the picturesque sceneries of the island from the bungalows without any hindrances. The bungalows come with terraces, garden areas, double beds and private bathrooms.

The resort also offers excellent dining experiences in the Sunset Restaurant. The restaurant is a bamboo open-air structure that serves everything from the local cuisine to international recipes. If you are looking for the perfect place to feel at home away from home, then the chefs at Komodo dive resort will make you feel exactly that with their mouth-watering dishes.

If you want to rewind after a day’s adventure, you can do so at the Komodo Dragon Beach Bar. Here, you can watch the Komodo Island sunset and the ocean while you sip on your favourite cocktails from the well-equipped beach bar. If you have time to spare, you can also hit the gym, which is another facility at the bar. Divers too do not have to go far to catch a boat to the diving sites because the beach bar provides wooden boats to take you to the sites.

Wrapping it up

What more can you ask for when you have everything at the Komodo dive resort that you need? The resort is one of those places to put on your list for your next travelling experience. The resort offers every visitor the feel of nature, comfort and luxury. If you are a diver, make your diving experiences last a lifetime by visiting Komodo resort and diving club.

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